Helping Single Parents Level Up!

A letter from our founder

Have you ever put a period where it didn't belong?

While living in Tennessee, I was fulfilling a dream my husband and I had of starting a business. After having an only child, a son, for 13 years, I had given up on adding a baby girl to our family of 3.

I was putting a period there. I went so far as to purchase a portrait of a little girl and gave it to my husband.

I was doing ALL the work on the business and got my first contract when I got pregnant with our baby girl. The next year we had one more girl. We were a family of 5! Yay!

Then, my husband asked for a divorce. I wanted to let the business go if I didn't have my husband by my side. I was putting a period there. And I did close the business.

The next 16 years of my life as a single stay-at-home mother had many challenges and opportunities to stop. Like when I moved to California, it seemed like nothing was opening up for me and my girls.

We were sleeping in other people's homes and I was driving their cars. I was searching daily looking for a place to stay even though I was tempted to stop and put a period where it didn't belong. I felt like asking my sister to finish raising my little girls since she always wanted more children.

BUT THAT was no place to put a period to end my story as a single mom. I raised my girls for 16 years before marrying the man of my dreams.

The next year, my girls went to college. I then started a business helping single parents to continue in their journey and not put a period where it does not belong.

Some have remarried, started their businesses, got the legal help they needed to start seeing their kids again, and so on.

One of my daughters is a professional baker, and the other is a mechanical engineer.

My name is Nek’ka Migel and I hope YOU don't put a period where it does not belong.  
Thank you for stopping by.

Nek'ka Migel, Founder Anna Grace Foundation