Happy Easter!

Hello Friends.

Before Covid-19 hit, I enjoyed participating in the Stations of the Cross around Easter time.  The last two times were in Juneau, Alaska, and Meridian, Idaho.

In 2017, I visited the Station of the Cross in Juneau, Alaska at the National Shrine of Saint Therese.  She is one of my favorite Saints. It was all outdoors.

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The other time was in 2018 before my 7th grandchild was born.  I was at Tree City Nazarene church in Meridian. I was on an audio-guided tour to each station in a large room. At one station, I took my shoes off and was feeling the sand under my feet among other physical experiences to hammering nails in a piece of wood. It was a very moving experience for me.

In the middle of the audio tour, my cell phone rang. It was my daughter just blocks away experiencing gestational blindness. She was working on the phones in front of a computer when the numbers started disappearing before her eyes. I finished my audio tour as fast as I could and got my daughter to the nearest emergency room just blocks away.

How powerful a day that was to already be in prayer when an emergency call came through. My daughter got her sight back and weeks later delivered a healthy baby girl.

I hope you all have a powerful and prayerful Easter week and as you go through this season connecting with your family as you can.

Here is the link to the latest podcast that was recorded in January 2021 where I was interviewed about Overcoming a Poverty Mindset.  

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Podcast interviewing Nek’ka Migel

Here are some pictures from the last single-parent bowling event from January 2021. The next free single-parent event is in April 2021. Email me or check Facebook for more details.

So, no matter when you get this email, whether it’s Easter or another time, I hope we can stay in touch and that this email finds all is well with you and yours.

If you need some help, consider setting a 15-minute discovery call with or without the zoom (camera).  My calendar is at choosetosucceed.setmore.com.

My website has moved from choose-to-succeed.org to choosetosucceed.today. I hope you have enjoyed these emails.

Have a good one!

Sincerely and In Christ Name,
Nek’ka Migel
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