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Do you know a Strong Single Parent?

Do You know A Strong Single Parent? I want to introduce you to Allison. She is a gem. So here is the interview that I did with her in 2020.

Who is Allison?

Allison is from California. And she always wanted to be a parent.

She has a busy day starting at 5 am, working 8 to 10 hours a day and checking her children’s online schooling amid COVID-19 before dinner time then getting ready for the next day.

Allison describes herself as strong, independent, curious, and hard-working. She said that she strives to be a good mother even though she’s not perfect

What struggle or stresses does she have?

Allison’s struggled with being alone and taking care of her kids.  It was hard for her to go from being married to being a single mom. She also struggles with homeschooling right now.

Allison took some online classes to help understand kids that are abused. She is now able to be an advocate for kids that she knows that has experienced trauma.

Is there a benefit to being a single mom?

Allison enjoys having her children all to herself.  She gets to have quality time with them as she watches them grow.   She recognizes that her children have a different personality, they are fun and others have said that her children are well behaved. Allison believes in letting her children just be kids.

What joys and passion does she have?

Allison likes comedy and romance books.  She also does crafts.

Allison is also passionate about providing a safe and happy environment for her children. She has volunteered for the Rescue Mission making lunches and volunteered at Baby Steps helping new parents.

What lessons has Allison learned?

Allison has learned that she is stronger than she thought, and she realizes that she can overcome anything because she is doing it by keeping a roof over her and her kids as well as taking care of them.

Allison’s tip to another single mom is to take time for themselves.

Would she be a single parent again if she had the choice?

Allison said that even with the struggle, she would not trade it because her children are a blessing!

Allison will be the co-host with me for our next Single parent Gathering on Sunday, January 31, 2021. Contact us for more information on the upcoming event. Next one scheduled for April. I hope you enjoyed this article entitled, Do You Know A Strong Single Parent.

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