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Speak to Your Children

Speak to Your Children

While raising my kids as a single mom, I realized that I just needed to “have a conversation”. I tell others to do this with people, your kids, your boss, and everyone.

I came from the generation that told kids to do things “because I said so!” When someone first suggested I explain things to my kids under 10 years old, I thought they were off their rocker.

For kids in a situation where they have lost one parent whether they knew them or not, there is a fear of losing the parent that “stayed”. My explaining things to my kids, help relieved their fears about the immediate future.  It kept them informed still on “a need to know” basis but without having to guess about so much.

Also, I developed an “open door” policy as they were getting older.  They were free to talk to me 8 to 9 pm for normal situations…not a crisis.  I set this time so that if it was not an emergency, I could still have my devotions early in the morning uninterrupted and my quiet time alone at night.

So, I hope this helps any parent, not just the single parent.  To learn how to de-escalate a conversation going awry when they are young helps as the children grow older.

My name is Nek’ka Migel and I am the founder of the Anna Grace Foundation.
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