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Hearing the Voice of God, part 1

I was listening to my Pastor talk today about God’s will. I have many people asking me how to know God’s will. They also ask me about hearing the voice of God.

In my book, God’s Prosperity, I wrote about many experiences of where I believed I heard from God and that it was his will to do this or that. Here is a brief excerpt from my book on page 14:

“When the LORD started prompting me to travel or move, I did not reply with, “I can’t do that because I have no money.”

More on Hearing the Voice of God

I want to encourage you today to not make excuses for what you believe is God is speaking to you. Sometimes we talk ourselves out of obedience without help from others.

Here is a link to my pastor’s sermon today on God’s Will:
Watch “God’s Will” on YouTube by Pastor Steve.

While you are there, feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel for Chaplains for Businesses.

Have a good day everyone!

Nek’ka Migel
Chaplains for Businesses

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